Q&A with Mark MacKenzie

This interview with Mark MacKenzie was originally published in Golden This Week in March 2016.

Q. What services do you offer at Nourish Clinic?

A. I am a fully licensed Manual Osteopath, offering Manual Osteopathic Treatments.
    Manual osteopathy is a gentle, holistic system of health care that focuses on treatment of the body’s structure, in order to optimize functions. While Osteopathy is best known for pain relief from disorders such as low-back pain, neck pain, shoulder pains, headaches, sciatica, sporting injuries, etc., it also helps to optimize all of the body's systems ( including movement, digestion, sleep, and energy levels).
   Manual Osteopathy differentiates between symptoms (like pain) and the cause of those symptoms. For example, a pain in your shoulder may be due to a problem in the shoulder, in the back, or in the liver, or due to postural mis-alignment.

Q. How does Manual Osteopathy fit into a person's health care?

A. In North America, Osteopaths are fully licensed MDs who practice using Osteopathic principles and manual therapies, to provide a distinct form of primary health care. In the US, there are many Osteopaths, however there are not many Osteopaths in Canada.
   As a Manual Osteopath, I provide the manual therapy portion of an individual's treatment plan, which may, or may not, be determined by an MD.
   A few of the conditions where Manual Osteopathy integrates well with western medicine are: 

• Back and Joint Pains
• Headaches
• Digestive issues
• Arthritis pains
• Injuries
• Post-surgery / Post-hospitalization
• Post-casting

   While I take referrals, people can also self-refer. I work with each client, and will collaborate with their other health-care providers, to develop individualized, evidence-based care plans.

Q. Who is your typical client?

A. My typical clients are people with pain and/or limited motions, who are ready to make changes. Some of my clients have new pains for a variety of reasons, while others have chronic pain (in many cases for decades). Regardless of their condition, my clients are ready to regain control of their health and get back to the activities they enjoy.

Q. Why did you become a Manual Osteopath?

A. I had been plagued by low-back pain, digestive issues, and headaches for as long as I can remember. I had seen many MDs and therapists between by teens and early 30's, with some successes, but my symptoms always came back.
   In 2007 I was by far the worst I had ever been; I had to quit manual labor, was eventually given an MRI, and received a diagnosis. I declined a low-success surgery option and spent a few more years searching for answers.
   Eventually, a friend suggested I talk to Manual Osteopath, who ended up changing my life. They were the first therapist to see and understand all of my health problems as a whole, and showed me a path to taking back control of my body.
   After a few visits, I knew I had to share this amazing therapy with others, and enrolled to become a Manual Osteopath.

Q. Is there a phase or quote which inspires you?

A. “The Health in osteopathy is far more than the absence of symptoms or disease." from Dr. A.T. Still.
   To be healthy, all of your body's parts and systems need to be functioning properly. Blood needs to flow, joints need to move freely, organs need to do their jobs efficiently. This allows your body and mind to deal with all of life's demands and stresses. Simply having an absence of conscious symptoms or a labeled disease does not mean your body is able to do this.

Mark practices in Golden on Mondays and Tuesdays and sees patients by appointment only. For more information or to book an appointment, visit www.rmosteo.ca.

Q&A with Nathalie Bertrand

This interview with Nathalie Bertrand was originally published in Golden This Week in February 2016.

Q. Nourish Clinic is your brainchild . . . tell us all about it and what inspired you to bring it into creation?

A. I am a firm believer that working collectively with other health practitioners creates a better chance for an individual to have their needs for healing met more fully. It also creates huge support for each other as practitioners, bringing in new perspectives and the opportunity to learn from each other. I wanted to create a clinic which offers people healing that focuses on getting to the core of a problem so as to break patterns & move past the compensatory ways our minds, body and spirit hold us stuck, so as people can find a more healthy equilibrium. My intention is that Nourish Clinic brings support so as people can heal on all the levels needed. One person can do lots to change the world and collectively we can create miracles! We have a practitioner to support you at each level.

Q. What are your hopes for Nourish Clinic as it flourishes and nourishes people of Golden?

A. My ultimate goal is that we, at Nourish can offer a space where people can come and find their way back to equilibrium. Our body’s pain is its language for help to restore imbalance, whether it stems from physical or from our energetic realms. When our bodies can’t compensate anymore and the timing feels right, I am thrilled to offer a space at Nourish Clinic where people can come and unravel the causes of the problem.

Q. What is the modality you offer to Nourish clients?

A. Right from the moment I started working as a physical therapist I was able to feel restrictions and pulls in people’s bodies. Gifted with listening hands, my wish has been to put it to work in genuine service to reverse discomforts and dis-ease. I have dedicated myself to not only help reduce pain and discomforting symptoms, but aim to break through the cause that creates it. I recently have engaged as a student at Canadian Osteopathy College to better serve you. I believe in working at the core, thus explaining the name I like to associate with my work, Core-Relation Therapy. I welcome all those that have lived their lives with pain, whether it is your back, head, neck or joints that gives you grief. I can help or direct you to the best direction of healing!

Q. What is osteopathy and how does it differ from chiropractors?

A. The mistake most often made by people when they hear the word osteopathy is to relate the word osteo and bones, the word osteon which in latin refers to living cells. Osteopathy deals with all living cells in the body. Alignment of bones, organs, and their fascia and cells are restored. With the osteopath’s advanced fine palpation skills, each structure is assessed individually. The osteopath listens to find out how structures live on their own. Once the problem (what an osteopath call a lesion) is normalized it then exists in all of its motility, therefore serving and nourishing all adjacent tissues optimally leading to a harmonious body. “The entire body, if adequately nourished, functions to maintain, repair and heal itself.” Magoun

Q. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what brought you to Golden?

A. I’m an outdoor enthusiast and life seeker ! I was drawn to the Kicking Horse to live out my passion for rivers where I was a raft guide for a short decade. I fell in love with nature and all the ways she invited me to playing outdoors. Another big part of why I made Golden home is how the community felt right from the get go, thank you all for your trust and to your warm souls! I worked as a massage therapist in a rehab center in Montreal for 6 months and thought I’d never give another massage again! It is a different matter in Golden where the community in general is so much more uplifted. People are alive here and want to heal!

Q. Anything to add?

A. Yes! A huge soulful thank you to our friends from Element Therapeutics for their warm welcome. We are all excited to join force and resources for the community!

Contact Nathalie through Nourish for more information or to book an appointment.