Helping you find your health with alternative therapies.

At Nourish Clinic, we are aware that no single practitioner, technique, or methodology is going to suit all your health needs all the time. We listen openly to your specific situation, suggesting the right practitioner for this moment, regardless of their affiliation or location. Our primary intent is to help you feel great, to be a true advocate for a healthy body, mind, and spirit in each person who walks through our door.  

We all have distinct situations and our bodies respond uniquely to what life throws at us. No two of us require the exact same combination of treatments, practitioners, or approaches to reach our ultimate health. As life shifts around us, we reach different stages where the support we need fluctuates between the emotional, physical, and spiritual realms. Let Nourish Clinic help you determine what could benefit your specific situation, right here and right now.

We offer a variety of services, including manual osteopathy, RMT massage and bodywork, nutritional consulting, holistic life coaching, and energy healing. Beyond the walls of our clinic, we're connected to a broad network of practitioners within and outside of Golden. Our core collective consists of Nathalie Bertrand, Kerri Lautamus, Randa Sultan, Liza Hindmarch, Mark MacKenzie, Lois Ricard, and Janis Dyck.

We are located at 806 Park Drive in downtown Golden, BC.
Come by anytime or call us at 250-439-8479. BOOK ONLINE HERE.

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