Art therapy uses the creative process as a means of emotional healing, self-expression and personal growth. Clients are able to explore issues ranging from abuse (physical, emotional, sexual) and past trauma to those simply wishing to gain a deeper connection to creativity and intuition. Art therapy is client centred and follows the client’s lead while the art therapist witnesses, supports and gently guides the process. It provides a safe, supportive way of working with material that can be highly charged. Like dreams, art can access the unconscious and bring it into our conscious awareness allowing for integration, growth and wholeness. 

Art therapy is a holistic approach that considers the whole individual (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) when exploring unconscious material. Some of the benefits of art therapy include greater emotional awareness, increased well-being (physical, emotional, mental), increased mental focus and clarity of thought and greater acceptance and awareness of that which is uncomfortable or unexplored within ourselves. 

Art Therapy is accessible to anyone willing to pick up a paintbrush and discover where their art can lead them. Janis works with adults and children and offers both individual and group sessions. 

Introductory Session - 30 mins — $30
This half-hour meeting allows you to meet Janis and learn more about the art therapy process and whether or not it is for you or your child. 

Initial Individual Art Therapy Session - 1 hour — $80 

Follow up Individual Art Therapy Session - 1 hour — $60

Full Day Individual Art Therapy Session - 8 hours — $450

Contact Janis for information about upcoming group sessions. Prices vary depending on size of group and length of session.
Janis also offers private groups on request. She needs five participants to run a private group.

All services are offered at Janis’ beautiful home studio five minutes south of Golden, BC.