Listening To Your Body

This article by Judith Thibault was originally published in Golden This Week on April 10, 2016.

Taking your health into your own hands is listening to your body’s wisdom. Taking the time to deeply listen to what it needs, your body will guide you to a healthier you, but first you have to stop listening to your taste buds! As they can trick you to what you want instead or what you need and there is a whole industry that is created around it, the flavoring industry. They know your bliss point so they mix flavoring and get you with the taste so that you want more, and more, and more…. It rings a bell?

To get your body wisdom back you might need to do a little reset and rediscover what you really need not what you really want. Some of your body parts are just a few weeks, even days, old. This is because they are constantly renewing themselves. Taste buds are renewed every 10 days. This I like to hear! Tastebuds are easily retrained to eat healthier.

Making simple changes that will last you a life time, because you are what you put in your body, what you digest, absorb, utilize and eliminate or not eliminate. This is applicable to the physical body but also applicable to the mental and emotional body too. You take on the emotion of what you eat, like the vitality of the fruits and veggies. That’s the energy we all want!

It’s time to be out with the old and in with the new. Your inner terrain need to be cleaned for growth of a new healthier you. In natural healing, terrain is everything, you can’t have a toxic terrain in your body, you can’t put herbs and vitamins into a system that’s clogged up from old indiscretions. You have to start with a clean terrain. Cleansing is the best way to clean up an old terrain, to make it fertile for the new healthier you. Even if you have healthy eating habits, cleansing a couple of times per year is key to keep a healthy terrain as there hasn’t been a time in history that is more toxic than today’s environment. You are exposed to indoor toxins from the new couch you bring home to outdoor pollutants to food you eat. Most of us don’t live in a perfect environment with no toxins, especially if you want to live a little social life. We all have had little indiscretions with foods, if it’s not at home it is in a social setting.

Best time for cleansing is Spring and Fall, usually using the changes of the seasons. When you start feeling sluggish these are good sign that you need a cleanse. A very important rule is cleanse a little and build a little. Before cleansing, know yourself. If you eat really bad foods and we all know what’s bad! We just have to rediscover our taste buds to know what’s good. Maybe you want to be gentle on yourself and cut out the obvious, pastry, dairy, flour, red meat, and the most important sugar, before you get into a full on cleanse. I can help you with applying those changes that will make you feel so good that you’ll not want to go back to the old ways of eating.

There are great cleansing kits ready for you to follow a specific diet and herb regiment as we go through metabolic changes at 3, 7 and 11 days. Those cleaning kits like the Wild Rose is one of them, are set for 12 days. If you have some health challenges to begin with, please don’t do a cleanse first thing thinking that you will regain your health, come and see me as we will have to take a gentler approach to it.