Q&A with Randa Sultan

This interview with Randa Sultan was originally published in Golden This Week in February 2016.

Q. What sort of treatments do you offer at Nourish Clinic?

A. I treat all forms of physical, mental and emotional ailments, as the underlying principle is the same. Energy imbalances in the body, mind and spirit cause illness; remove the imbalance and you remove the cause of the illness. In addition, there is a strong connection between emotional, mental and physical ailments. An issue that started off as an emotional basis, can turn into a physical ailment, and vice versa.

I specialize in balancing and enhancing energy in the body, mind and spirit through holistic energy healing and qigong; combining techniques I have studied over the last 20 years. Energy healing and qigong are used to treat issues such as pain, trauma, headaches, stress, anxiety, depression, digestive issues, grief/loss, addictions, sleep issues, self-esteem, joint issues, reproductive issues, chronic conditions and diseases.

I also offer personalized qigong instruction for those who have specific concerns (ailment, illness, emotional issues). With the one-on- one qigong instruction, I develop a personalized qigong exercise program for the client to continue the self-healing process at home. The qigong-focused healing treatments can provide a better option to achieving targeted results. With all of these methods, my goal is to return the client to their optimal health and wellness. I then put the healing power back in their hands by teaching how to maintain energy balance within the body.

Q. Can you explain a bit more about Energy Healing and how it works?

A. Like logs can block a stream, stress and negative experiences over time can block your internal energy flow. If our energy system is disrupted for long periods of time, this will lead to ill health. In other words, illness, pain, mental and emotional distress are the body’s way of telling us that our energy system is out of balance. By paying attention to the underlying energy imbalances and treating the cause of the symptoms, we can stop the illness from progressing.

Q. What exactly is Qigong, and how do you pronounce it?

A. My training is in Medical Qigong (pronounced “chee gong”) which is the oldest therapeutic modality of Chinese medicine. It is based on the principals of enhancing the flow of energy in the body and bringing it back to balance to promote healing. There is a strong self-healing component, which is an active meditation practice. Qigong is also used to heal others, by using powerful techniques to remove energy blockages from the client’s body to restore health and wellness.

I lead weekly group qigong classes through Golden Lotus Yoga (above Element Therapeutics). I am also offering two empowering workshops for Spring Rejuvenation (April 3 and April 17) combining qigong, meditation and traditional burning rituals.

Q. What makes you so passionate about the work that you do?

A. My personal journey to holistic health began over 20 years ago, seeking out help with a series of physical and emotional issues. Most treatments focused on the symptoms, and relief was only temporary. Through the intense study of Spiritual Energy Healing and Qigong, the focus shifted to the underlying energy imbalances. This energy work has changed my life, and I have seen others also have powerful shifts in their bodies and their lives. It constantly amazes me how effective these simple and gentle techniques are! My desire is to share this knowledge with others and help them along their healing path.

Q. Tell us a bit about yourself and what brought you to Golden?

A. I am originally from Toronto, and yet found myself constantly wandering off to find places of peace, which inevitably would be in nature. I came to the mountains 15 years ago with a love for the outdoors, a desire to belong to a community, and looking for the place I could call home. With my strong wanderlust tendencies, I have travelled all over, and yet I found myself returning to Golden as often as possible. I am ecstatic to be able to call this home for the last 7 years!

Q. Any final words?

A. I am overjoyed at this endeavour with the wonderful crew at Nourish Clinic! Such a warm atmosphere and genuine desire from all of us to help you reach your optimal health and wellness. I look forward to meeting and continuing to have a positive impact on the lives of those who are ready to take that step on their healing path. I strongly believe we all have the innate ability to be fully and completed healed; sometimes we just need a little help!

Please visit www.sacredprana.com for more information or to book an appointment with Randa.