Qigong (pronounced "chee gong") is a highly effective health care practice, and is becoming more widely known in the western world as an important form of alternative complementary medicine. Qigong is one of the cornerstones of traditional Chinese medicine. It is based on the same principals of acupuncture, but without the needles. The idea behind it is to balance the energy in the body. When energy in the body is out of balance, that is when we get ill.

Qigong is used to treat and prevent health issues from developing in the first place including: anxiety, pain, digestive issues, depression, reproductive issues, sleep disorders, chronic conditions, illness and disease.

Qigong Personalization Sessions: Spring Forest Qigong is a moving meditation practice which can be tailored to help treat your specific ailments. Randa teaches the practice in a group setting (see this link for class schedule) or as one-on-one instruction sessions. The movements are gentle, and the wonderful thing about it is that they can be easily adapted to anyone, no matter physical ability or age. This style of Qigong is very simple to learn and yet very powerful. Qigong personalization sessions are one-on-one with a review of medical history to develop an at home practice for your specific needs.

Consultation – 15 min — FREE
Phone or email consultation to discuss the different services and your needs to decide on the most optimal type of treatment for your health and wellness.

Qigong Personalization one-on-one – 60 min — $75
Spring Forest Qigong is a self-healing active meditation practice. A one-on-one session will be tailored to introduce you to the practice (if you are new to the practice) or deepen your current practice. This is a one hour private session. For development of a personalized at home program we will include a review of medical history, a consultation and assessment during the initial session.